Table tennis (Ping-Pong)

Table tennins, also known as ping-pong, is especially popular in Asia and Europe.

In addition to the World Table Tennis Championship, the Table Tennis World Cup, the Olympics and the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Pro Tour are considered the most important world-wide competitions. Examples of major regional events are the European Championships, the Asian Championships, Europe Top-12 and the Asian Games.

The first table tennis player to complete a Grand Slam, i.e. being awarded single crowns at the Olympic Games, at the World Championships and at the World Cup, was Jan-Ove Waldner from Sweden. He completed his Grand Slam by winning at the 1992 Olympic Games.

Since Europe and Asia are the two main regions where competitive table tennis is popular, this is also where you will find most bookmakers willing to accept bets for table tennis. There are plenty of international bookmakers on the internet that will accept table tennis wagers from a long row of countries, not just European and Asian countries, so if you are living somewhere else and happens to like table tennis there is most likely several suitable betting options available for you on the internet.

Jan-Ove Waldner

Jan-Ove Waldner was born in Bredäng, Sweden in 1965 is widely recognized as the best tennis table player of all time. He is a legend within the sport and is commonly referred to as “the Mozart of table tennis”. In China, Waldner is known as 老瓦 Lao Wa - "Old Wa(ldner)" or 常青树 Chang Qing Shu - "Evergreen".

When Waldner was still a young player, he attended a training camp in China where he was inspired by the dedication he saw. According to Waldner, he learned a lot during his stay in China – a country known for its love of table tennis.

Today, Waldner is one of the most famous sports personalities in China and definitely the most famous Sweden, although quite a few people think he's German. When he visits China, people tend to flock to see him.

Deng Yaping

Deng Yaping (Simplified Chinese: 邓亚萍; Traditional Chinese: 鄧亞萍) was born in Zhengzhou, China in 1973. Between 1989 and 1997, she won six World Championships and four Olympic Games, and she is one of the foremost table tennis players of all time.

Yaping started playing table tennis when she was five years old and won her first national championship at age 13. She wasn't included in the national Chinese team until she was 15 years old, because she was initially denied a spot due to her short stature – only 4 ft 11 in.

When Yaping retired from table tennis at the tender age of 24, she had already won more titles than any other tennis table player.