Betting on Asian sports

Before the advent of the internet it could be difficult to find bookmakers willing to accept wagers on games taking place in Asia unless you were actually in Asia or in a region with a significant Asian diaspora. International television broadcasting of major Asian games improved the situation somewhat, but there was still plenty of local bookies outside Asia that simply would not provide odds for Asian sport events since they deemed the potential market too small to justify the work.

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, online sports betting went through an enormous boom and it is today easy to find bookmakers online that will happily accept your wagers for a long row of different athletic competitions taking place in Asia.

Before you decide which bookmaker to sign up with, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Is this bookmaker accepting punters from your country? It for instance quite common among international bookmakers to not accept potential customers from the United States since they do not wish to risk getting into problems with the U.S. legal system.

  2. Does this bookmaker have a gaming license, and is it from a serious jurisdiction known to actually impose strict laws on its licensed gambling companies?

  3. How is the game selection for Asian games? Does it include the types of bets you like to make and the types of sports and events that you like to bet on?

  4. How are the odds for Asian games? Do they on average seem better, worse or on par with what other sportbooks are offering? You may wish to sign up with several different bookmakers online to give your self a broader odds selection for Asian games.

  5. Do you like the software? I it easy to use and can you quickly find Asian games to bet on with a minimum of hassle?

  6. Does the betting site offer support in a language that you are comfortable with? How can contact with the support team; is there a free phone number or a national number to call, or will you be forced to make an expensive call to another country to get any help? Can the support team be reached through e-mail and/or live chat? Is the support open 24/7 or not?

  7. Will you get some type of bonus for signing up? What are the wagering requirements for this bonus? Would you be able to fulfill these requirements within the stated time frame?

  8. Is the site live streaming Asian sporting events? Live streaming sporting events is popular among bookmakers online since it gives their customers a chance to follow events that they would normally not be able to see.

  9. What are other people saying about the site? A quick search online will direct you to forums, blogs and discussion pages where punters discuss their personal experiences with various betting sites online. Naturally, every single bookmaker will have a number of disgruntled customers – just like any other company offering a product or service - and this alone is not reason enough to turn your back on a specific site. However, be careful if a certain betting site is consistently getting bad reviews from multiple sources and those sources seem to bring up valid points rather than just gripe about losing their money.

  10. If you like other types of gambling as well, e.g. poker or casino games, keep in mind that certain gambling sites favor visitors who like to engage in more than one type of gambling online. There are for instance several sites who have special promotions and bonuses available for visitors who combine poker with sports betting.