Asian sports

When most people in Europe or The United States or Canada thinks about betting tips and gambling we usually think about a certain group of sports include sports such as Hockey, Soccer, baseball and basketball. When peopla in Asia think about sport and gambling they might think about Soccer or baseball but they might alse be thinking about other sports than we do here in the west. Other sport that are more popular there and less popular, or unheard of here.  This website is devoted to sports that are popular in Asia   and asian spoting event such as the Asiad or Asian Games which are the second largest multigame event in the world after the olympic games. They are held every 4 years just like the olympic games. Popular games include:

Fotball (soccer)

Soccer is very popular sport in most of the world, the united state being the exception worth mentioning.  It is a very popular sport in Asian and strong teams include South Korea and Australia (that is not located in Asia but Joined the Asia fotboll federation and hence is grouped with Asia when we talk about soccer). To learn more about soccer in Asia vist our soccer page.


Cricket is very popular in large parts of Asian and especially in India and Pakistan. It is a bat and ball game. Each team has 11 players.  There are different types of games of different length. The most common professional game lengt varies from 20 overs of six bowling deliveries per side to 5 five day test crickets. The goal of the game is to get as many runs as possible.  To learn more about cricket visit our cricket page.


Badmington is a racquet sport played a ball with featers. Two players face of their separat rectangles divided by a net between them.  The goal is to get to opponent to miss the ball with a stroke that make the ball hit the flor within the games rectangle.  Double games with two players on each side of the net are also played.  It is a very old game that can trace it roots to ancient greek and egypt. Read more about Badmington on our badmington page.

Table Tennis

Table tenis is a racquet sport payed on a table divided by a net. The goal of the game is to return the ball to the opponent once it has bounced once on your half of the table. If you misses the ball after it bounced you loose the point. You are not allowed to touch the ball before it bounces. The game is very popular in far east Asia and especially in China. The game is also popular in certain areas outside of China, Especially in Sweden. A skilled player can with the help of the rubbered racquet give the ball differents spin and curves that affect the speed and trajectory of the ball ones it hit the table. All of the top players of the game has been from China or Sweden. More about table tennis, or ping pong as it is also known on our table tennis page.


Which is more correctly called rugby fotball is a game that is still played and that has developed into several other sports such as American fotball. The name rugby comes from the school in the UK where the sport was developed. It is a game played on a 100meter long and  70 m wide field with a oval ball that are kept in ones hand. On each end of the field are goal post and the point of the game is to get the ball there. If you want to learn more about rugby visit our rugby page.

This is just some of the sport you can read about here on our page. You will find information and gambling advice for many more sports as well. Check out for more betting tips on rugby and soccer.